Adassa Martin Foundation

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Keith Martin

Keith Martin

As President of the Adassa Martin Foundation, Keith strives to give back to his home country of Jamaica by bringing financial assistance for emergency medical care to those in need.  Keith founded the Adassa Martin Foundation in honor of his mother, Adassa, who lost her life too soon when she was unable to receive timely access to emergent medical care. The foundation provides funding to cover the costs of emergency medical services as well as other emergency diagnostic and treatment costs.

Keith has owned multiple businesses and worked in the medical field for over 25 years both in Jamaica and the United States.  He started his interest in the medical field early on as a phlebotomist in Jamaica, later earning multiple medical certifications in the United States which shifted his focus to lab work and diagnostics in a hospital setting.  Throughout his career, he has held various positions in many prestigious NYC hospitals such a New York Presbyterian Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, and Montefiore Medical Center.

Keith has seen first-hand the importance of timely and quality medical treatment and the impact it has on not only improving quality of life but also saving lives.  As an entrepreneur, he has expertise in operations, logistics, customer service, and strategic planning with an ability to see the big picture and make an impact in his field.  His medical experience, both in the private care setting in Jamaica and hospital facilities in the United States give him a unique perspective to help identify areas that need improvement where AMF will be able to make the biggest impact for the people of Jamaica.